We’re just around the corner from the new year and that means we’re all busy, busy, busy. But as I tell all my clients, now is when you should be planning for next year. Why? Because you hit the year running with a killer plan. It means you’re inspired, motivated and super enthused when you start that first day back.

Did you know McKinsey Research found that email is 40 times more effective than Facebook when it comes to acquiring new customers? Probably not. And that’s ok! I didn’t until a few days ago, which is why I’ve written this. So how can we make it more powerful for your business in 2017?



This is what you look after, nurture and care for. You grow it, make it bigger, extend it and make it stronger. Every time you have an enquiry, make sure they go on your list. Every time you meet someone and exchange business cards, make sure they go on your list. If you’re brave enough, create an automatic pop-up that appears every time someone visits your website so you capture people right away and if not, make sure the subscribe box is above the line on your website. Offer an incentive for people to subscribe to your mailing list like a discount code, an offer or a free e-book. Capture as many people as you can straight away and the hard part is done.



We’re all  very time poor and often, I’ll scan through emails in the morning looking for actionable ones and completely overlook the subscription based ones, unless they get me in or I know they’re a good read. Give your readers interesting, value based content. Click here to find out how make your content better and follow the steps to do it! You’ll find that once people know what to expect from you, if they like it, they will become the most loyal openers ever and your messages will actually be heard.



Design is everything. We want to get everything we can from life in the shortest amount of time. That is why breaking things up into easily readable sections is so powerful. Include bite-sized tid bits of value in a side bar with clear, concise headings. Think; ‘What we’re loving’, ‘health tip of the month’, ‘events you need to know about’. It’s simple, compelling and easy to understand. When you write the newsletter, make the take aways clear by using bullet points, pull quotes and summaries. If you’re doing a discount or offer, make it graphic, bold and easily understood. Just whatever you do, make sure it follows your brand guidelines.



As humans, we are creatures of habit. It’s why we, generally speaking, love routine. By keeping a strong commitment to email frequency you’re communicating with people in a way they intrinsically love. Keep it regular, but manageable. If you’re not sure how often you should be sending emails, do some testing. Try once a fortnight or once a month and see how people respond. If you have content that can easily be updated, refreshed and changed, then even consider weekly. Just make sure that once you’ve found a frequency – you stick to it.



And that’s really it! We could speak a lot about segmenting and doing targeted emailing, but that gets down into the nitty-gritty stuff and is quite complex. If you’d like to learn more about that then book in for a FREE one-hour consultation with me.

I hope that gives you a bit of inspiration to kick start your email marketing in 2017 and remember I’m always here to help!