Every time you post something on social media, send out an email to your database or write a blog post and hit “Publish”, you are making a statement and communicating with people. Those people might be your dream clients, your least appealing clients, your referral network or your competitors. Depending on how you are communicating with them - you are either attracting or repelling them. Have you ever stopped to think about that? Have you ever questioned whether or not you are communicating in the right way, using the right language, the right style and with the right information to attract and retain your dream customers and clients? I have a little secret that will help you to communicate to the RIGHT customers in the RIGHT way... 

When we client profile, we often think about what they do, what their income bracket is, how they make decisions, what media they consume, what they enjoy in their spare time, what their family situation is like… But how often do we deep dive into their personality. This is the one, fundamental thing SO MANY marketing strategies and customer profiles fail to actually address. It’s ridiculous really, because understanding the personality of the people you want to attract makes an ENORMOUS impact when it comes to your conversion and retention results. By understanding their personality you understand what they care about, what motivates them, what they do and don't like, what makes them feel good. All of the things you need to know if you are going to be successful. 

A few years ago back in my good old Harcourts days, I was lucky enough to listen to conference speaker Allison Mooney talk about the four different personality profiles and how to make the most of them for business. It was one of the most insightful few hours I have ever spent and to be honest, I learnt things about myself I didn't know. I learnt things about my relationships that I didn't know! I learnt things about marketing I didn’t know (yet!). It was so valuable because I was able to put what Alison shared into practice – and when I did so many things started to make sense. 

When you first started reading this, I said every time we do “something” in marketing, we are talking to people. Even business to business marketing still comes down to real people. And what do we all have? Personalities! Ok, Ok, I’m sure you can name a few people off the top of your head who make you question that statement. But that’s the thing – they still have one. It might just not be your cup of tea ;)

So, if we are communicating with people all the time. Which personalities are we actually talking to the most? Which personalities are hearing us the best? Are we talking to the right ones in the right ways? 

The first thing we need to do in order to answer this question is identify the four different groups. As Alison explained, each have some core traits that make it simple to allocate ourselves or others to. Think about your target market or your ideal customer and where they may belong. 


PLAYFUL [this is 50% of me – self-proclaimed life of the party]

  • Loud
  • Excitable
  • Life of the party
  • Funny 



  • Avoid conflict 
  • Want to encourage unity 
  • Kind 
  • Thoughtful 



  • Analytical 
  • Practical
  • Strategic
  • Thoughtful 
  • Observant 


POWERFUL [This is the other 50% of me]

  • Leaders 
  • Action-based 
  • Strong opinions 
  • Proactive 
  • Lovers of change 


Now in some cases you can use these to attract those kinds of people. In others, you can use these personality profiles to position your brand.

Let me explain this with some examples…  




Playful: @Showpo

Showpo are an international fashion retailer. Their customer profile is likely to be 15-27 year olds and their main products are party outfits. Despite the fact their customers could be any type of personality, their products are ‘party’ and ‘dressy’ style so their marketing reflects this. For example, on their Instagram they use images of friends having drinks, adventures, fun and use witty and engaging captions that convey a sense of fun and frivolity. They position the brand with a Playful personality. 


Peaceful: @Elesbody

On the other end of the spectrum, we have El Es Body. This company hand-makes cruelty free, vegan, natural based body products and candles in Brisbane. The El Es Body Instagram uses muted tones and promotes their cruelty free, vegan, kind-nature of their products. This attracts peaceful personality types who are most likely to be committed to buying products of this wholesome, caring type. 



Similar to ShowPo, BusinessLane uses brand personality to position themselves in the market. They offer business bookkeeping and administration to small businesses. Now business owners and entrepreneurs are not often Precise personality types, however when they look for a bookkeeper or administrator they are looking for someone who does fit within the Precise zone. BusinessLane promotes timely reminders, organization tips, important dates and information to position themselves here. 


Powerful: @Covecowork

Cove Work Space attracts Powerful personality types who are likely to be business owners (their target market), by sharing bold but powerful imagery. Their brand colour is navy which reinforces this style and they promote inspiring, powerful quotes by entrepreneurs and use to-the-point language around success and leadership to attract their market. 

As you can see, you can use these four personality profiles in different ways. However, the one thing you need to take away is that each customer group is different and this means that the language you use when communicating with them, be it written or visual, needs to be selected carefully. My advice for businesses is to assess your customer profiles and make sure that your communications do the following based on where they belong...


What you need to know about Playful... 

Be relatable. Be honest and speak with real language as if you’re talking to another person. Social media is fantastic for this, because it gives us a platform to showcase our brand identity and have two-way interactions with customers. Playfuls love people and love to engage, so do this and connect with these people on their level. 


What you need to know about Peaceful...

For the Peacefuls, avoid intentionally disruptive behaviour. Unless you feel it is your brand’s place to make a powerful, controversial statement about current affairs, don’t do it. Connect with them on a deeply caring, wholesome and good level. Learn what they care about most and promote how your brand enhances or espouses that care. The Peacefuls will be supportive of a brand that shows an all-inclusive, nurturing and caring front. 


What you need to know about Precise...

For the Precises, proof read EVERYTHING! Every post no matter where or why needs to be proof read. Use correct language, punctuation and show your integrity and intelligence as a brand. Share statistics, give them knowledge and information and answer their unasked questions. 


What you need to know about Powerful...

For the Powerfuls, prove yourself as an inspiring brand and lead your field. If you’re a fashion brand, make the trends and empower your customers. If you’re a technology company, don’t be afraid to pave the way and showcase new, innovative ideas and thoughts. Be a leader in your field and you will attract the aspiring powerful personalities. 


If you are still reading, you might be feeling like WOAH, JESS. Information overload, much? But I promise you, this slightly different way of thinking about your target market will long way in building relationships with the right kind of people for your business and brand. 

Where do your customers fit? Are your current customers a different personality profile to your target customers? share your thoughts in the comments below


To learn more about Allison and her fantastic practices, click here.